How Can I Help?

1. Spread the word.

2. Raise funds.

  • Help kickstart our campaign by donating money yourself via PayPal to You can pay by credit or debit card and do not need a PayPal account.
  • If your PayPal account is linked to a UK bank account or if you are paying from a PayPal GBP balance, you can pay via PayPal without any transaction fee. Alternatively, you can transfer money directly to MyOverseasVote UK’s HSBC account no. 61674781 sort code 40-05-26.
  • Encourage others to donate money. This is the most crucial way you can help at the moment. We need to raise £40,000 (RM200,000) in total to fund the campaign  – if 1% of Malaysians overseas each donated £4 / $6, we would meet our target.

3. Register if you are eligible.

  • If you are currently 21 or over and a full-time student in higher education overseas, you are eligible to register as an absent voter, regardless of whether you are Government-sponsored or a private student. This means that you will get a postal vote when an election is called.
  • Register via the nearest Malaysian embassy or high commission. Please let us know if your registration is successful or if you face problems. We have recently forced the Election Commission to acknowledge that Malaysian embassy advice that only government-sponsored students may register is contrary to the law, but we are aware that many embassies are still without the necessary forms.

4. Become a litigant.

  • We are looking for a small number of people to put their names to the litigation. They will have to be Malaysian citizens over 21 and not in higher education; i.e., either working, unemployed or retired.
  • We want to get a broad range of litigants, high-paid, low-paid, retired, those who have been here for decades or a couple of years. We plan to have litigants from the UK, USA, Australia and elsewhere.

UPDATE: We have already launched our court case, which is now in the Court of Appeal.

5. Help with ideas and expertise.

  • This campaign is still very much at an early stage, but if you have any suggestions or expertise to offer, email us at We may take up your offer straightaway, or we may wait till a later stage of the campaign. Either way, we will keep you informed.

6. Set up a branch.

  • If there is no MyOverseasVote presence in your country, email us at to see if you can be a co-ordinator for MyOverseasVote in your country. We currently have branches in the UK and the USA, and need co-ordinators to set up branches in other countries.
  • Co-ordinators will be the main contact point for MyOverseasVote in their countries, and will help us to fund-raise and disseminate information.

19 Responses to How Can I Help?

  1. bala chelliah says:

    Hi, its a great initiative.
    I live in Geneva, Switzerland and I can volunteer to be the co-ordinator for Switzerland and recruit supporters so we can also be the litigants from Switzerland.
    The Swiss charter will also raise funds to suport the legal costs.

    look forward to your response.

    kind regards,

  2. Bala – thanks for your offer. We have sent you a reply!

  3. Abraham Lim says:

    I am student in Taiwan, is there any co-ordinator in here? what can I help?

  4. Sharifah Syed-Mohammad says:

    I am interested in registering to be a Malaysian overseas voter. I had inquired twice to the Consulate General in NYC in the two occasions when I renewed my passport (2004 and 2009) and was twice told I could not vote because I was neither a Govt-sponsored student nor working for an international-based company. (I’ve been here on a H-1B visa since 2000). How can we go about changing the law that allows registered Malaysians overseas are allowed to vote as an absentee voter if they are not in the military/Malaysia Govt overseas or a student (private or publicly funded). Please email me the contact coordinator in the US and I will try to help anyway I can.

  5. chee raymond says:

    how can I register as a voter
    .I have 5 in a family , 3 are over 21 of age, we live in Basel, Switzerland

    • You can register to vote at the Malaysian embassy in Switzerland; however it will take 3-6 months for the registration to be reflected on the register of voters.

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  7. sara Fang says:

    My family and I have been here in Beijing for 10 years. How can we go about registering or vote here? There is a huge number of Malaysian business and professional working people which should be tapped upon here. There are also in Shanghai.

  8. Ai leng Drewer says:

    I am a registerd voter in Malysia, but am now in Germany for the past 10 xears. A, i eligibke to vote or ballot vote from here? I queried this issue when i was back in Msia last year … But they told me… No chance! Help … I am rady to vote for the right government!

  9. kwang says:

    I’ll play the devil’s advocate here. I’m very sure the intention of this website and the webmaster is sincere to address this problem. However, I would like to see the face and know a bit more background about the webmaster and how the donation will be used to fight for this cause. It is easy to set up a website and call for donations, but one must know donation scam do exist and providing a bit of credential goes a long way to ensure the donors that their money will be well used.

  10. zip says:

    I live in tokyo,JAPAN and I can volunteer to be the co-ordinator for JAPAN and recruit supporters so we can also be the litigants from japan

    look forward to your response.

    kind regards,

    PS;This morning,i had send an email to to inquired few question and i am looking forward to your reply !thank you

    • Hi Tan, we are not looking for litigants as the court case has already been launched, but it would be good if you can organise a Malaysian group and help disseminate our press releases as we pressure the EC to finally allow Malaysians to vote by post. Re your email, could you send it again in English or Malay?

  11. Andrea Lim says:

    Hi, I just checked my voting status, it’s saying I’m eligible to vote for the coming election. However, I’m still studying in Australia. Would like to know how can I apply for overseas vote.

  12. Tan Saw Bee says:

    Came to Japan more than 25 years ago. Just got an e-mail from my niece from Australia reminding
    me to vote. Am now in Tokyo and am wondering if it’s too late to vote. Please advice . Can go to the
    Malaysian Ambassy tomorrow if it’s OK. Thanks.

  13. Tan Saw Bee says:

    Thanks for your prompt reply. Don’t think I have enough time to go back this time.
    Thanks again

  14. Jeannie Tan says:

    Is there a way that I can prevent my name to be used ellegarly as voter (Undi hantu)? Because I was too late to register myself as overseas voter.

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