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  1. Gabriel Gilbert says:

    Hi guys,

    Thank God I found this website!

    I have been living in Australia for the past 5 years (studied and currently working), and at 28 years of age had never voted thanks to the unfortunate circumstances set by the ruling government. I’m originally from Sarawak, and couldn’t register to vote in the last state GE as I was a privately-funded student.

    I made an enquiry to Canberra regarding the matter, and the most ‘gracious’ reply I got was, “Now you earn a lot of money, can afford to go back and vote, what?” Totally missed the point.

    It was a real shame, and I was shocked and appaled a couple of days ago when I went into the SPR website to find that even with the advancement of the internet, online registration is not an option!

    I applaud you for taking an action about this. I will donate immediately, and it’s high time that the incompetent officials realize that they are losing good citizens not just to the great living conditions in their adopted countries, but mainly for their lack of respect for basic citizen rights.

    Please keep me in the loop for the latest developments

    • Sarawakian says:

      Make sure you have stayed the required 30 days in the last five years. I am not qualified even though I’m registered voter….shame!

      The consulate office told me they knew nothing and have received no briefings from the head office!!!

  2. Thanks, Gabriel. We will pass on your experience to our friends in the media.

  3. Rian says:

    This is the stark discrimination clearly targeted primarily against the non Muslims Malaysian population residing overseas by the leaders of UMNO and their cronies ,particularly those descended from Bugis ,Javanese,Indian Muslim ,Arab Muslim ,Pakistani. Turks ,Yemen . These supremacists ,who have usurped the powers of the true natives of Malaysia ,are maintaining their status quo by ensuring the nation is always divided by religion. They are the top proponents of supremacy issue. It took these usurpers ancestors ,not God ,how race is defined and who is included as the privileged race in the constitution. These usurpers will ensure as much obstacle as possible is put up under all kinds of pretext to deny the legitimate rights of the non Muslim population

  4. Pui Mun Teoh says:


    I am in the United Kingdom and I tried to register in the Malaysia embassy on the 12th September 2011. Unfortunately no one seems to understand what I wanted to do and they said that since there is no election in the near future I wasn’t able to register. It was a bitter experience as I was unable to register as a voter. Is it possible for the government to issue for a clear guideline for oversea voters?

    Thank you.

  5. LKM says:

    “One million Malaysians working abroad, says Devamany” said The Star (www.u know where) on 01 November 2011!

    That’s means almost 1/6th of you fellow out there are not voting indirectly!

    You all can make a different! Continues with your fight for absent voters like the sixer!

  6. TRUEMalaysian_is_BUMI says:

    I think those of you who are overseas and hold dual citizenship — you must renounce your foreign citizenship before being given the permission to vote! You are working overseas for money and your allegiance is only to money. If you are sincere, come back to Malaysia and contribute to Malaysian society by working for the government, with a government salary at a fraction of your current overseas salary.

    I want these foreign people who claim to be “Malaysian” to make an oath to uphold Malaysian interests and abandon foreign allegiances. Then, I will welcome you as true Malaysian.

    • inspirasi says:

      r u crazy??

      who is going to give us a job in the govt? dont u know that the govt predominantly employs bumis?

      u guys r guaranteed a job….we have to fight for one…

      if we were to be in msia…we would be treated like dogs…not only by the govt…but also by people like u who were born with a silver spoon in your mouth and dont know what to do with it…

      we r malaysians…and we r loyal to our mother country…if our mother country is loyal to
      us her rakyat!!!! we would all love to come home and contribute to our country…but with unfair and biased treatment of us non-bumis…we would rather stay away…after all we
      have a responsibility to provide for our families…

      while in your case…the govt provides for yours…

      do u understand my bumi friend…we want a FAIR malaysia…where all of us are treated
      EQUALLY…and when that day comes….we will be proud to be called malaysians…and come home to enjoy our beautiful motherland…

      i pray everyday for that day to come…and come soon….

  7. LN says:

    I am a student in UK and I contacted Malaysia High Commission at London (as instructed in the SPR’s webpage) to register as an overseas voter last year. However, I received an email from the staff at Malaysia High Commission that they did not receive any advice from SPR regarding this issue. Could someone kindly explain the registration procedure please?

    Thank you.

    • Please contact the Consular section at the High Commission. You just need to fill out Borang A and give additional details on a separate A4 paper. This is very standard. Do not accept no for an answer.

  8. Anne says:

    Hi, I’m a student in the UK but am already in my final year. I just got disahkan as a registered voter on the SPR website, and want to register as an absent voter but as I’m in my final year and may not be returning to the UK after, can I just register for this year (I’m pretty sure elections are coming up and will be while I’m still here) ?

    Also, how do I register? Do I have to go to the Malaysian Embassy to fill up the necessary forms?

    • You have to re-register as an absent voter, and then re-register again as an ordinary voter when you return. Each step requires you to fill in a new Form A and go through the whole 3-6 months registration process again. You can download the forms online but you have to submit them in person to the Malaysian High Commission.

  9. There will be a postal vote debate on BFM radio station tomorrow at 3pm – Malaysian Time (Jan 13). The podcast should be available even after that

  10. BF says:

    When I was a student in the US, my friends and I filled out a form and sent off to the LA Malaysia consulate to register as oversea voters. None of us hear anything back for the GE 11 election. When it came to GE 12, we gave up sending in the form. We felt like it was a waste of time because It wasn’t just one ocassion that they didn’t respond to our form request. For example on a unrelated topic, good student award which the consulate personel came to our Uni and encouraged everybody to apply. We sent in the forms but no reply. Later, we found out that it only awarded to govt sponsored students. Anyway, I no longer a student so no longer qualify to vote as absentee. I am now in Austrlaia. I contacted the Malaysia embassy here and asked if i can vote as an absentee and they didn’t reply. I know that they deliberately ignored my email because when I asked them about my passport in a different email, they replied. I am a Malaysian without dual citizenship and i think i deserved the right to vote.

  11. Siu Fun HUI says:

    I am a Malaysian living in London and definitely support the cause for the Overseas Vote. It is a big joke that as a Malaysian subject, I am considered a full Commonwealth subject/citizen and have the right to vote in the UK General Elections, but I am not allowed to vote in Malaysian elections.

  12. Nancy Sim says:

    Hi. We are students in the UK. Please advise how we can register the younger ones who have just turned 21 to vote in GE 13. Do you that living in the UK, we even get invited to vote for the municipal. The system in the UK is truly efficient. Please advise. Thank You.

  13. LN says:

    Regardless, many thanks to MyOverseasVote who have fought so hard so the rest of us Malaysians all over the world can vote. Thanks again and many blessings to you all!

  14. sk says:

    I am Malaysian residing in Germany. I would like to apply for postal voting but one of the requirement is that I need to be a registered voter. My question is how do I register as voter outside Malaysia, in this case in Germany

  15. SL says:

    Hi there,

    I am a resident in the UK and have been following the right to vote closely. I would like to thank you all for making this possible. I have registered for the postal vote on the 29th Jan and have not heard a pip back from the SPR since. I called them up last week to find out more about this but after 30 minutes of me trying to get some concrete timeline and failing, I gave up. I am wondering whether there are others out there who are having a similar problem?

    • We understand that the EC is only planning to inform successful applicants after Parliament is dissolved. However, we are asking for applicants to be informed now and not later.

      • SL says:

        Thank you for the update. Do you happen to know why they are only doing so after the Parliament is dissolved? I suppose there’s nothing we can do but hope that the form will turn our okay which is frustrating!

      • The reason is because the applications can only be approved by the returning officers, who have not been appointed yet.

  16. says:

    Hi, I am staying in Copenhagen, Denmark and have submitted application for oversea postal vote. The next day after submission a call from SPR claimed that there is no Malaysian embassy in Denmark & I am told to go to do postal voting in Sweden. I am aware there is a Malaysian embassy office in Copenhagen although our Malaysian embassador for Scandinavian countries is residing in Sweden. I wonder what’s the use of the office in Copenhagen if we can’t do oversea posting voting here. How to request for oversea posting voting in Copenhagen instead of in Sweden ?

  17. mengchoo says:


    I have lived in Edinburgh since 2005 and have been going back to Malaysia almost every year. Unlike many other readers here, I have just come across your website TODAY!
    I went to SPR website to check if I am a registered voter in October 2012. It showed I was a registered voter in my last address in Sri Damansara KL, so I thought I’d be able to vote from overseas (can’t believe how ignorant I was!). Today, with the website being 10 times slower, I checked again and was told I AM NOT. So I am confused and disappointed. Parliament is now dissolved – no chance for me to register ūüė¶ Utterly disappointed.

    Meng Choo

    • You have until midnight (1.5 hours). Best to just submit the form now and follow up later on what has happened. Once registered you should stay registered. May be an IT problem.

  18. Siu Fun Hui says:

    It is very difficult to get on the SPR site. It is always down. It would seem that the plan is to ensure overseas voters do not get the ability to vote. There has been no publicity that I am aware of and the only way anyone would have found out about this would have been from this site. NOTHING is done to ensure overseas Malaysians are encouraged to vote. Based on comments I read on this site, High Commissions in various cities are totally ignorant of how to assist people attempting to register as an overseas voter. I am annoyed when I read the news (sent to me by my aunt in Singapore) regarding the disappointing numbers of overseas Malaysians registering as postal voter. I hope the comments made on this site will be widely publicised in Malaysia and Singapore so the true picture can be portrayed, not the one-sided view.

    Siu Fun

    HomeBreaking NewsSE AsiaStory
    GE13: Only 6,298 overseas Malaysians have registered as postal voters
    Published on Apr 05, 2013
    1:11 PM
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    Buy SPH photos
    PETALING JAYA (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) – Only 6,298 Malaysians out of over 700,000 Malaysians living abroad have registered as postal voters.
    “It is quite disappointing after all that we did to provide a convenient registration process for the voters’ overseas,” Election Commissionchairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof said.
    “The process is simple. Malaysians abroad can e-mail or fax over their particulars.
    “I would have thought there would be 100,000 or even 200,000 overseas people (Malaysians) registering to vote,” he told The Star on Thursday.
    He said ample time had been given from Jan 21 till the dissolution of Parliament on April 3 to register.
    Tan Sri Abdul Aziz also said only 2,900 absentee voters would cast postal ballots.
    Asked whether the EC’s website being down on Wednesday contributed to the low registration, Tan Sri Abdul Aziz said it was not a factor.
    He also dismissed suggestions that EC regulations for overseas voters were too stringent.
    “One must register as a voter and Malaysians staying abroad can be postal voters so long as they are registered as voters and had been in Malaysia for not less than 30 days in the last five years before dissolution of Parliament,” he said.
    Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said certain groups, especially electoral reforms group Bersih, had called for EC to allow overseas voting, arguing that tens of thousands of Malaysians overseas wanted to vote in the coming general election.
    “The low rate of voter registration is a little bit disappointing especially when Bersih made a big issue out of it,” he said on Thursday.
    Bersih steering committee member Wong Chin Huat said the poor rate was due to the late announcement of the registration of overseas voters.
    Meanwhile, following the crash of its website, the EC posted on its GE13 website ( on Thursday that Malaysians can check their voter status by calling its call centre at 03-8885

  19. siang yong soh says:

    Hi everyone, I registered as an overseas voter in Melbourne Australia. However, to-date, my status is still “Permohonan anda telah diterima dan sedang diproses. Terima Kasih.”
    I tried to resend another email to inquire, but still the same response generated automatically. I think it’s a total fraud to ‘lure’ us to register than misuse our votes!!!! How can we reflect this to those how might be able to help us ???? Anyone in the similar situation?

    • C Wong says:

      Hello! I’m in the same predicament. Submitted Borang 1B back in Feb and the status is still “Permohonan anda telah diterima dan sedang diproses”. I wonder if anyone here can shed some light…

  20. Siu Fun Hui says:

    You are lucky to have even managed to dowload the form. I could not even get onto the website. This was since late January when I learnt about the opportunity to register for the overseas vote. I tried on a number of occasions, but it was futile. As you have no doubt read, the Election Commission chairman expressed great disappointment at the low number of overseas Malaysians registering for the vote. Perhaps the Election Commission should look at the “barriers” that were put up to prevent overseas Malaysians trying to register.

  21. SL says:

    My status on the website also reads ‚ÄúPermohonan anda telah diterima dan sedang diproses. Terima Kasih.‚ÄĚ In addition, I tried to call the SPR office for clarification but they have been cancelling the calls after 7 secs of being connected. I had this done to me about 4 times!

    As I understand from the main page of Myoverseasvote, if I do not receive a rejection e-mail by the 20th April, that meant that my application is successful. Is that so?

    Also, does anyone know about the monitoring of the overseas vote?

  22. siang yong soh says:

    Hi guys, I did receive another email from the SPR saying that I will be contacted re: details of voting at my nearest HighCom or Ambassy, but again my application still “being processed”! Too late to change my mind now, just hope we do get to vote, and not by someone else on our behalf.

  23. Julia Tan says:

    I have the same issue and problem. ‘PERMOHONAN ANDA TELAH DITERIMA DAN SEDANG DIPROSESKAN” …SO LONG TO PROCESS? I CANNOT FLY BACK AT SUCH SHORT NOTICE NEITHER CAN I GO TO MELBOURNE TO GET THE ENVELOPE. The government in Malaysia is surely making it difficult for us all to vote. If we stay in the other states of Australia and not in Victoria, it sure is a long way to Melbourne.
    The last time my friends said they could vote in Sydney or Canberra. Now its only Melbourne? Please enlighten us who are overseas here. Please.
    Do we have to go to Melbourne only to get the form and vote on April 28th? Is there any other date we can do it because April 28th is like a date that I have to attend a wedding and a funeral at the same time. And all of it is crucial to me. Ohhhhhhhh..alamak.

  24. Carmen Toong says:

    I just found this site. Can I vote in HK? I am already registered, to vote in KL but I have been residing overseas since 1990. Can someone please give me some advise? Thank you!! I hope I am not too late.

  25. siang yong soh says:

    My application finally got approved to vote in Melbourne. Hope you guys may have the same chance to vote too.

  26. SL says:

    HI there, I have also been approved to vote. My question is whether there is any control put in place so that our votes are as it is (i.e. they would not be changed en-route to Malaysia)? Does anyone know what restrictions has been put in place?

  27. SL says:

    Hi there, does anyone know about the monitoring of the overseas vote?

  28. Agness says:

    Hi all,
    I live in London and am keen to exercise my rights as a voter for GE13. As various press reports say that postal voters can cast their votes at Malaysian Mission in London I am assuming it will be at the Malaysian High Commision at Belgrave Square. Despite numerous attempts to contact them and checking their website to confirm this, is no indication on this most important event of the Malaysian calendar. I am stilL left wondering if I will get to vote this Sunday, April 28th. So frustrating as I keep checking my voter status online and it says I am registered as a postal voter but why am I not receiving an email or letter on how and where to do it? I took the time to register when I was back home last December so come what may, I will be knocking on the Malaysian High Commission’s dolt this Sunday morning and if I do not get to do it, there’ll be some reports sent to all the press back home the very same day.

  29. siang yong soh says:

    On the spr website, they actually listed where you supposed to vote once you successfully registered. Also, i just got an email from spr to remind me of the voting time and location. Hope you get the notification too.

  30. TSK says:

    Hi I got a question. I voted this morning and believe I got most of the steps right. However for some reason I did not glue sampul A, would this error cause my vote to be declared spoilt?

  31. Woon Kiat says:

    I voted in LA yesterday. A check on still shows my voting details in Malaysia like Pusat Mengundi, Saluran, No. Siri, etc. Is this expected? Can someone use my details to vote on coming Sunday?

  32. Tony Tong says:

    I’ve work oversea decate never register for vote, luckly back malaysia every 4-6 month minimum 2 weeks stay a trip, can i vote???

  33. Lim says:

    overstay my visa at Melbourne, Australia. Can i register as oversea voters at the consular?

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