UPDATE: Latest information on overseas postal voting

The EC has provided a guide on how postal voting will be carried out, and on how postal votes will be counted.

At present, we understand that applications for postal votes have been filtered by the EC and any persons not qualified to vote by post have already been informed. The applications have been sent to the returning officers of each constituency for formal approval before the EC notifies the voters shortly before Nomination Day (20 April). Lists of postal voters will be provided to the candidates on Nomination Day.

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15 Responses to UPDATE: Latest information on overseas postal voting

  1. Liew says:

    I have not received any information if i am approved or not. So, if i have not received any answer from SPR i can assumed my application is rejected?

    • If no rejection, assume it will be approved.

      • Ali says:

        The problem is that the application status is in progress, but when crossed check with ‘ Semakan daftar pemilih dan LOKASI MENGUNDI’, the polling location is updated. Ada hanky-panky ke nih?… now wondering is registering as postal voter is the right choice? there is possibility of DOUBLE CHEATING using of my name now… huhuhuhu

  2. HSK says:

    In my case, EC told me not to bother to apply as I have not stayed for the required 30 day period in the last 5 years. I know of many Malaysians who are in the same boat as me – the EC said the number of applicants have been disappointingly low, but this is due to the unreasonable conditions imposed on us

  3. Huey Fang says:

    Due to my work condition I am not able to go back and vote for GE13, and as a first time voter, I can’t be registered as the oversea voter as well. As I don’t wish to let any party has the opportunity to manipulate the vote at least mine in this case, could anyone advise me if there is anything I can do?

  4. Teoh says:

    Hi may i know can i still apply to vote through postal voting?

  5. Winston says:

    Hi I registered as overseas voter but my pust mengundi is still me hometown , is it supposed to be like that or is it a mistake? They haven;t confirmed with me via email and I need to book flights.

  6. Augustin says:

    Hi, how do I check if my postal voting application has been approved? When I check the SPR website with my IC number, it says ‘pusat mengundi’ is still in m’sia. This is despite the fact that I have applied for postal voting… this is all very confusing.

  7. Lydia Chai says:

    Ali, postal votes were only approved/rejected on Nomination Day (20 April) so your lokasi mengundi still states the M’sian polling location because the EC would not have had time to change these details quickly enough. It is an antiquated system for sure.

  8. Yee Mei says:

    today is April 23, 2013 in USA, Can i still apply for postal voter now?

  9. Jonathan says:

    I can’t find the link to register as oversea voter UK. Can anyone help? But I did registered as a voter in my hometown in Malaysia.

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