All students abroad may vote, says EC

It has taken four months for the Election Commission to respond to our complaints that Malaysian embassies and high commissions overseas were issuing misleading information and not allowing Malaysian students overseas to register to vote.

Finally, thanks to our friends in the media who kept up the pressure, the EC has been forced to instruct Malaysian missions overseas to register all Malaysian full-time students who apply to register as overseas voters. We hope to get enough students to register so that a working system of overseas voting is in place for the upcoming elections. We will work with Bersih and other groups to ensure that opportunities for electoral fraud are minimised.

If overseas voting can be made to work for Malaysian students, there is no excuse for other Malaysians living and working overseas to be denied the right to vote.

The Malaysian Insider – All Students Abroad May Vote, Says EC

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3 Responses to All students abroad may vote, says EC

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  2. Jasmine says:

    guys, announcements for students in Australia have been made by Canberra here:
    and I created a template for the application letter which can be found here:

    The registration process is just unnecessarily complicated. Is there something that can be done? If you can give me some advice/offer your help, please contact me at I’ve emailed the High Commission but received no reply.

  3. paklanta says:

    Here is the link to download “form A” for individuals from the Election Commission’s homepage:

    Click to access Borang_A_IW.pdf

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