Fire Damage Restoration Basics The first and most important step that a fire damage restoration contractor (FDR) should take after sustaining fire damage to any building or home is to ensure that all residents are safe and all buildings are safe. Fire damage can range from minor to extreme, and it is important to consider all possible outcomes before proceeding with a restoration project. A fire restoration firm should assess the severity of the fire damage, as well as what impact the fire may have on the structural integrity of the building or home. When a fire has occurred, there may be extensive damage to certain areas of the building or structure, such as electrical wiring, insulation, or the carpeting, and the cost of restoring these areas may be considerable. Therefore, it is critical to first conduct an inspection to determine if all aspects of the building or structure can be restored using available resources.   Once the house fire damage restoration has been completed, a restoration professional should go over every step in detail with a client. Every step is vital, as not every step will be necessary in every case. For example, certain steps may not be necessary if certain rooms or spaces have been restored already. Furthermore, a fire damage restoration professional can only decide which things should be kept and which things should be discarded so that rebuilding can continue. Every step is very important and can potentially save your house or property.   Fire restoration professionals can also restore things that were damaged beyond repair by a fire or by water. Examples of these items would include carpets, upholstered furniture, or any belongings that were stored in the attic. Many times, people will start with the most basic restoration, such as drying out the affected areas, cleaning up water and fire damage, and then move toward the structural integrity of the building. If the structure is severely damaged, fire damage restoration companies may even have to reconstruct the entire building. Every aspect of a damaged structure must be restored to its original appearance.